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We are all just different kinds of beautiful. When we believe we are beautiful, that is when we truly shine. Our amazing job is to add to that confidence that ignites your own amazing beauty, both inside and out.

It is our honor and joy to contribute to our clients in this unique way and we’d love to share it with you through the microblading and permanent makeup services we provide.

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Metamorphosis Collective

Metamorphosis Collective is a beautiful Microblading and Permanent Makeup Studio in the heart of Santa Cruz County, on Portola. Our artists are personally selected and trained by Master Artist and Owner. Their goal is to give you your Best Brows Ever and five-star service. They all work with our signature “browmorphosis style” while adding their unique touch.

Our studio is modern, open, and clean. We are certified by the Department of Environmental Health and OSHA, meaning that our space and practice meet the highest standards to assure your health and safety. A clean studio and sterile one-time-use materials are essential for a beautiful and successful procedure.

The Team

Master Artist and Trainer
Marily Zamora

Marily Zamora, the founder of Metamorphosis Collective, found her passion in microblading and permanent make-up as she realized it came naturally for her and that these treatments gave people an instant long-lasting gratification on their appearance.

Marily became obsessed with perfecting her microblading technique. She trained extensively with the best academies to have the best techniques in her arsenal. Since 2017 she has continuously trained and worked to produce quality work and satisfied clients. This means that you can proceed with confidence as she is well trained, experienced and has demonstrated exceptional abilities in her craft. Now, she has developed her own trademark style that is unique to each client and will last beautifully for years to come.

Elite Microblading and Piercing Artist
Jenny Varela

Jenny is a Los Angeles native. At an early age, Jenny was interested in beauty and art. She began working in the beauty and fashion industry and learned quickly. Jenny also had an interest in helping others, and as a young adult, she pursued a career in the medical field.

For almost a decade, Jenny learned human anatomy and pathogen safety. She incorporated her passion for art and esthetics and found her love for cosmetic tattooing and body piercing. Her eye for detail and charisma aided in her ability to accentuate her client’s natural beauty and provide the highest quality of permanent makeup and body modification.

Jennys’ home base is Santa Cruz, and she would be honored to help you discover your inner beauty.

Certified Microblading Artist & Brow Stylist
Cristina Montejano

As a certified microblading artist, Cristina specializes in semi-permanent makeup technique that creates the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. Her artistic approach to the procedure ensures that each client receives a customized look that complements their unique facial features and skin tone.

Her passion for beauty continues to expand her skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of the industry. In her free time, Cristina enjoys keeping up with the latest beauty trends and techniques, as well as traveling and exploring new cultures. Her passion for beauty and creativity shines through in everything she does.




Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery or 3D brows, is a relatively new manual method using a handled tool (pen) with a very fine needle grouping to deposit pigment into the dermis, mimicking the natural hair color and shape. This procedure allows the artist to enhance the appearance of your brows or entirely create a new shape regardless of the amount of hair you have by creating the illusion of hair strokes and density. The eyebrow shape is based on the person’s bone structure and facial features. It is considered permanent makeup. However, because it is superficial, touchups will be needed. A perfection session is required 6-12 weeks after the initial visit.


Powder brows mimic filling in your brows with a soft powder. The result is a soft and beautiful makeup look. Powder brows are created using a Micropigmentation machine, similar to a tattoo, except the needles don’t go as deep and implant tiny pixels of pigment on the top layer of the skin. This procedure is for anyone who wants a soft or darker ombré makeup look. It is also recommended for anyone who is not a good candidate for microblading due to previous permanent makeup, large pores, or excessively oily skin. It lasts 1-3 years. A perfection session is required 6-12 weeks after the initial visit.


Lip blush is the latest semi-permanent trend that enhances the natural lip shape, symmetry and color. It is a popular treatment that defines lip contours, adds a natural blush lip color, camouflages scars, paleness, unevenness and discoloration. This treatment delivers a very natural sheer wash of color once healed. Pigments are available in different shades to match all lips, skin tones and clients’ desired results. Our technique uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to gently deposit pigment without creating a heavy lip-line. Our purpose is to create the most beautiful result.


Enhance your eyes with permanent eyeliner. We offer beautiful eyeliner whether you want it soft and subtle or bold and dramatic. Select from Eyelash Enhancement, Solid Winged Eyeliner, or Powdery Eyeliner. Not sure? contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We open our calendars on the 1st and the 24th of every month. Bookings will be based on a first come first served basis.

Usually, Microblading is done in two sessions. The first takes two to three hours. In the first session, the brow is shaped and styled to the client’s preference, and the pigment is applied.

Six to eight weeks later, the client returns for the second session for a touch-up. A touch-up can take anywhere from one to two hours.

A touch-up is necessary because everyone heals differently and therefore results vary. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the color and brow thickness by adding more strokes.

In the touch-up session, the final adjustments are made to assure the client’s satisfaction.

The level of discomfort is relatively minor. Some people have reported the experience to be similar in pain to tweezing two to three hairs at the same time.

Usually, a topical anesthetic or numbing cream is applied to numb the area. Topical anesthetics are safe and may contain lidocaine, tetracaine, and epinephrine.

Redness and slight swelling in the area are common after the procedure. The feeling can be compared to the experience of a slight sunburn.

Selecting your microblading artist is an important decision, so choose wisely. Compare the work of various artists before booking. Consider the artist’s trainings, credentials, previous work and reviews. Once you have selected an artist, discuss your expectations and desired outcome, including, the shape, style, and color you wish.

Also, remember that faces are never perfectly symmetrical. Adjustments may be made during touch up, such as pigment discoloration and color correction. And finally, remember that Microbladed brows will eventually fade away if touch-ups are not done annually.

Generally, Microblading lasts six to eighteen months, depending on skin type… Normal, oily, or dry, as well as the age of the client… Young or mature.

Microblading is not permanent like a tattoo, because the pigments are not implanted so deeply into the skin. Skincare is also a big factor in the duration of the results. It is very important to follow aftercare instructions to maintain the brows. An annual touch-up appointment may be done every six to eighteen months.

We highly recommend booking an Online Consultation first with our Master Artist if you have an existing cosmetic tattoo to determine if you are a good candidate for Brow Restoration Treatment or a complete Tattoo Removal.

People that are pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding, prone to keloids, or have health conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, allergic reaction to latex or antibiotics, hemophilia or other bleeding disorder, cardiac valve disease, or heart problems are not allowed and restricted for the treatment.

People with an organ transplant should avoid microblading altogether. The client should also be cautious if they have a compromised liver or a viral condition such as hepatitis.

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The Metamorphosis Beauty Academy Microblading and manual shading course is an intense 6 day course with the opportunity to shadow after the course. The course includes a kit and ongoing support directly from Master Marily to ensure you learn permanent makeup and how to run a successful business. This microblading course is in Santa Cruz CA.